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    Your personal Bali Guide

    How to stay in Bali long term? Where to find accommodation? How much money do you need per month? You can get answers to these and all other questions right now!

About Sofia & Bali

“My name is Sofia, and I’ve lived in Bali for 3 years...


hen I arrived here for the first time, I couldn’t understand what to do and where to go. I had a constant flow of questions in my head: where is this “Bali-vibe”? Why everyone says that this island is so magical?

Back at that time, I had to get to know and everything all by myself, and I’ve made many mistakes. I used to pay DOUBLE or TRIPLE even for ordinary things. I was living in the wrong areas, eating terrible food, riding a very uncomfortable bike (also 3 times the price)! And now, after almost 3 years of living here, I discovered this island to its full! And I want to share this knowledge and experience with you!

This guide is an investment, which can save you thousands of dollars. You can use it instead of hiring expensive tour guides and get an understanding of your future trip. So, if you’re ever planning to get here – it is your opportunity!”

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Beratan Lake Bali Temple
Who is this Guide for?
Who is this Guide for?
Nusa Penida Diamond Beach Bali Guide

Who is this Guide for?

  • For the ones who are seeing hundreds of beautiful videos about Bali on social media and dream to come here
  • For the ones who want to stay in Bali long term but have no idea how to do it
  • For the ones who love traveling and want to discover one more fantastic location
  • For the ones who think that Bali is off the budget (I will show you that it’s not true)
  • For the ones who know nothing about the island but have a plan to visit it someday and not overspend
  • For the ones who are already bored of watching someone else’s life! You can also live your dream, and I’ll show you how!
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About Book

Бали Гайд Путеводитель Путешествия Книга

The Ultimate Bali Guide is a 66-page PDF file. You can read it as an e-book on your phone or any other device, or you can also print it. The Guide is comfortably structured, has pictures with exact locations.

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Answers you will get
Nusa Penida Diamond Beach Swings

What answers will you get after reading the Bali Guide?

  • Which areas are best for short-term traveling, and where you should stay long term?
  • What types of visas exist and how to stay in Bali long term?
  • Where, how and for how much it is possible to rent accommodation in Bali?
  • Where to find interesting people with common interests?
  • Which restaurants are the best?
  • How to save your money and not get ripped off?
  • How to find the most beautiful locations which you often see in the Instagram feed?
  • How to plan a trip and which places are the absolute must-see?

The Guide will give you a complete understanding of the place. You will be able to find everything you need quickly and not spend extra months on it! Time is the most valuable resource we have – we can’t take it back.

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