About Sofia & Bali

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a methodology for achieving goals in different areas of life. With the help of coaching techniques, the client gets results in life much faster and more accurately.

Facts About Me

  • almost 8 years in self-development,
  • professional face-reader,
  • two higher educations - translation (coaching is available in three languages) and MBA,
  • worked as a business consultant in one of the world's top companies – EY,
  • married to the Man of my Dreams,
  • found my Purpose and Mission in life,
  • owner of a successful PR business,
  • I live in Bali - the island of dreams!
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Sofia Shved

Certified Coach

Personal Growth Coach
Personal Growth Coach
Personal Coaching

I am a Personal Growth Coach and can offer work on the following topics:

  • Finding your second half. Relationship
  • Time management
  • Finding Life Purpose
  • Financial literacy and Millionaire mindset
  • Self-development and everything connected with it
  • Even if your request does not apply to the above topics, I will be glad to consider it personally and make every effort to help you solve it.
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